hey there, you found my personal webpage on the wide internet. there's not much you can do here except pause your doom-scrolling and enjoy one of those moments of existential boredom that the attention economy too often takes away from us.

my name is nicolas, i am a software developer born and raised in southern france. i live a simple seaside life, making the most of the small things, spending quality time with my family, enjoying shared moments with my loved ones and friends.

i like to build ui, tools, resilient frontend web and mobile applications using javascript. i've been crafting software for about 7 years or so and i've grown to carefully use tech as a tool to serve final products and end-users, taking into account the impacts of the tech industry.

music has always been a refuge and a relief for me ; digging, collecting and experiencing music is still a big part of my life. i also try to read widely, be curious of all things with a keen interest in the field of social criticism (and, more broadly, social sciences), philosophy and internet cultures. i ride bikes a lot, those machines being one of the greatest and most efficient human inventions of all time.

i guess that is all for me, take care in these wild times.